Destiny is celebrating Halloween and it is magnificent

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I’m at the point now, where even I’m getting a bit tired of Destiny. I’ve done everything, died more often than a legion of War Boys on the Fury Road and I’ve come to the realisation that everything I do revolves around getting the biggest number possible.

And just when I think I’m out, Destiny hooks right back in.

Destiny, a video game where naughty Guardians get Legendary engrams that transmute into common items on Christmas, is celebrating. Celebrating a Festival of Light to be specific. And it’s beautiful. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on.


Everyone is getting into the spirit of things! Here’s the Gunsmith, sporting a mask that was probably made with the flesh of the last Guardian that asked for a refund.


And here’s the Cryptarch, dressed as an engram. And yes, it’s a common engram, because karma or something.


Lord Shaxx is clearly a fan of Tekken. Ten points if you can guess who his favourite fighter is in that game.


Looking fly there, Arcite 99-40!


Oh Cayde, you scoundrel you. You’re the only member of the Vanguard who is dressing up for the occasion. And of course you’d dress up as grumpy-pants Eris Morn. Of course you would.


Eva, you scare me sometimes.


What’s this? A holiday-themed quest? With glue and paper? Neat!


My Titan is now officially taking part in the Festival of Light, thanks to a snazzy papercraft mask.




Because nothing brings back memories of the golden age of humanity, like fizzy sweets.


I prefer sour sweets myself. Pucker up!


Yes, you read that right: You need to collect candy, harvested from the dead remains of freshly slaughtered Fallen, Hive, Cabal and Vex. Trick or treat, give me something good to eat or I’ll shoot you in the feet.


I’m just super-happy that these masks are pretty much free to make.


Hey, even the Speaker is celebrating! And with a Traveller mask, of course.


And of course there are quests to tackle. You’ve got your usual festival quests such as slaughtering your way through the Crucible while wearing a mask that makes you look like a lost member of the Wyatt family.


And a sly nod to a classic exploit from the early days of Destiny and its first raid. Oh Bungie, that’s beautiful. I love it.


There’s a horror movie setup in these quest-lines, I’m sure of it.


But whatever, I’m earning candy with bullets! There’s still a lot more to do in Destiny, now that the Festival of Light has kicked off. Like purchase a Michael Jackson Thriller dance emote, because if anything could survive the fall of humanity, it;s the king of pop. You’ve got until November 9 to take part in the event.

And hopefully, Destiny has something special planned for Christmas.

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

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