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Destiny is getting another weapon balance update

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Destiny may not be a perfect game, but it does get one crucial aspect of the MMO-RPG-FPS-MOBA-COSATU genre right: Namely, gunplay.

From the vanilla guns through to the specials, rare rifles and exotics (THORN YOU SHALL BE MINE ONE DAY!), Destiny nails the feeling of filling a Fallen Vandal’s face with enough lead to block Superman’s X-Ray vision.

But keeping all those weapons balanced, is a tricky part of the development process, requiring plenty of hot-fixes along the way. So expect a few cha-cha-changes before The Taken King expansion arrives.

That’s the word according to Bungie’s Deej, who detailed weapon balance as being the key feature in the next update (via Reddit):

If you’d like a list, that’s the one we maintain (and yes, it needs work). Crucible servers are not on listed specifically, but our team of Engineers are always working to improve the performance of the game.

In recent Bungie Weekly Updates, we’ve alluded to communications about how Update 2.0.0 will address a lot of your concerns, including weapon balance. We’ll be talking about all of that work in the weeks to come.

I’m not citing these things to tell you that you’re wrong. Just to point you in the direction of what you crave. Bungie cares. Bungie has updated Destiny dozens of times, and your feedback has been a driving force. I save those announcements for when the work is ready to discuss.

I’d love to post more on the forum. The fact of the matter is that I’m spread too thin with all of the things that this community needs. Some of those things happen behind the scenes, but they’re the sort of conversations you’d want me to have on your behalf.

You’re absolutely right when you say that you deserve more attention. We’re adding a member to this team, and that announcement is coming soon, so please stand by. I hope you’ll welcome that person as your ally – because that’s their job description.

In the meantime, keep talking. There are entire teams at Bungie dedicated to reading this forum and planning our workflow. Just yesterday, we gathered to discuss the major issues discussed here. It’s a meeting we hold every week. It’s an event we plan for every day.

Please excuse me, because I need to get back to planning the next weekly update to address some your immediate concerns.

Soon, friends. Soon. I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but help is on the way.

I like where guns are right now in Destiny. Hand Cannons feel like Viagra for Dirty Harry thanks to their stopping power, sniper rifles have that satisfying pop to them when doing some long distance kills and I’ve even grown accustomed to my primary weapon, a rather effective hip-firing Pulse Rifle. Hopefully, the next update won’t mess that rhythm up.

Last Updated: July 15, 2015

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