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Destiny is getting one hell of an overhaul in The Taken King

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Destiny Taken King (2)

Destiny, a video game where the Lannisterminators send their regards to Dinklebot in a very secret Raid, is getting some big changes. With year one drawing to a close, the 2.0 version of the game is promising a big shake-up to the game formula that will impact on everything from experience through to weapons.

In other words, I may have wasted waaaay too many hours trying to get my hands on Etheric Light over the weekend. That’s the word according to a new feature in Game Informer, which vaguely revealed a new progression system based purely on numbers instead of the esoteric light system that is attached to your armour.

“Experience points from missions, bounties, and enemy kills now contribute directly to progression, even after level 20,”the Game Informer piece explained.

Simultaneously, gear continues to play an important factor in the developing power of your guardian. The light system is being revised for a streamlined and consistent experience from 1 to 40.

It’s not clear how this will impact guardians who are already rocking the level cap in the game, or if they’ll be reset back to 20 when The Taken King hits. A ton more info was also revealed. Here’s a highlight reel of what to expect in year two:

Destiny Taken King (3)

  • Dinklebot is dead. Your Peter Dinklage ghost will now feature the vocal pipes of Nolan North when you need to be informed that a wizard came from the moon
  • The first act of The Taken King will have eight new story missions, plus a ton of new bounties and quests
  • The newest raid is called King’s Fall, and Bungie reckons this will be the mother of all Raids in the game
  • Story missions from year one and the expansions will be re-organised to be better incorporated into the main storyline
  • The story, or lack thereof, will be touched up as well as characters being able to interact better with one another
  • Bungie is teasing an incorporation of the Grimoire into the main game
  • Four new strikes revealed: Fallen Saber has you fighting a pumped-up Shank on Earth, Shield Brothers has you hunting down two Cabal leaders on the Dreadnaught, Sunless Cell is a hunt for a rebel Darkblade and Echo Chamber is a PS4 exclusive mission to kill a Vex Mind
  • The new strikes have “raid-light” mechanics, in order to make these missions more than just an excuse to kill waves after wave of enemy, in order to cut out some of the tedium
  • Three older strikes are being re-tuned: Dust Palace, Undying Mind and Cerberus Vae
  • Your favourite year one weapons are going to be quickly replaced by new gear, as Bungie revealed that even common guns may boast attack stats that’ll make the 365 damage on your Hawkmoon look like a joke

Destiny Taken King (1)

  • You no longer have to fly back to the Reef or the Tower to turn in bounties, thank f***
  • The Gunsmith will now also offer bounties, and have a reputation meter to build up. No more excuses to ignore the guy then
  • Work with the Gunsmith enough, and you’ll be able to order a weekly legendary weapon
  • Reputation is being streamlined, as Vanguard and Crucible marks will be combined to form Legendary Marks
  • All armour materials will become one resource for all classes, called Armor Materials
  • Still no word on an expanded vault yet, as Luke Smith said to GI: “We’re still bumping into a technical limitation for vault space. We are exploring options for getting stuff out of players’ inventories via these kiosks that we’ve placed around the tower, but we’re still working toward a solution that we’re excited about.”
  • A LOT of new Exotics, such as a heavy weapon Fusion rifle that can bounce lasers and is called Sleeper Simulant and No Time To Explain
  • You’ll have to do certain puzzles in a quest to get your hands on such an Exotic
  • The Crucible and The Trails of Osiris will get their own quests, that will reward players with Exotic-caliber awards
  • Eight new PVP maps, and three new modes to play in them
  • The Dreadnaught will be home to some interesting content. Says Smith: “Through your adventuring on the hive ship, you’re going to find a bunch of arcane objects that you can use to summon ultra bosses.” Hoo boy…

Phew! That is a massive upgrade to the game then! While I’m a tad bit miffed about the level progression system possibly nerfing some genuinely hard work on my end, the rest of the game is sounding quite exciting for regular players.

And thanks to our year of beta-testing it, I’m actually even more excited for newcomers. You guys are going to have a freakin’ blast in the upgraded version of the game, you lucky Guardians you.

Why, back in my day, I had to fly to the Tower to turn in a bounty! Every time! In the cold! GET OFF MY SPACE-LAWN!

Last Updated: August 5, 2015

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