Destiny loot handcrafted to create jealousy

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Destiny lute

Destiny is almost upon us. Okay, well maybe closer to being upon me and Darryn seeing as we’ll get our grubby fingers on it at E3, but at least we’re getting more details about the game. Of course armor, weapons and loot are important, and they serve multiple roles.

Here is the latest developer vlog, explaining and showing off the cool stuff that you can get:

For those who don’t watch videos, they explain that the difference in equipment as you progress through the levels and get better gear. It’s handcrafted to look incredible, and also to make other players jealous – exactly what loot is all about. Additionally, enemies drop loot specific to each character – you and your buddies don’t need to worry about trading ammo or class-specific upgrades because you will each grab the things that are applicable just to your character. Not only is the arsenal a lot larger than anything Bungie has developed in the past, it’s also applicable across character classes – no matter what class you play as, you can still get your hands on the heavy weaponry, or hand cannons.

I’m glad they have streamlined the loot system. I always find it funny how players will fight over loot when they’re supposed to be cooperating and playing together to defeat an enemy. This should limit in-fighting, especially for those playing in a Fireteam with strangers. Plus it will limit inventory issues and the age old conundrum – should you trade/sell loot that looks awesome just because your class can’t use it?

I’m getting increasingly excited for Destiny. It’s not my usual type of game, but it looks like such a romp of a good time. Perhaps this will be the game that gets me hooked on online shooters.

Last Updated: May 6, 2014

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