Destiny may finally be getting a trading and auction house feature

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Destiny’s loot system isn’t exactly typical of games that share a genre or two with it. Sure, enemies may drop gear now and then, but once you hit the higher levels, it’s those blue engrams that you’ll be hanging onto. And hopefully decoding to get a legendary item in return. HA! Just kidding, that ain’t never going to happen thanks to that stingy Cryptarch bastard. And Destiny’s trading system doesn’t really allow for easy exotic grabs either, as you’ve got to work for your gear. But an auction/trading house could make the pursuit of better guns a tad easier, something which a new trademark points to.

Three, count ‘em three, new trademarks have popped up from Bungie in relation to something called “Eververse” according to GameSpot. Trademark numero uno deals with the usual protection of game software, assets and promotional materials, while trademark two is called Eververse Trading Co. And a solid guess would point towards Bungie getting some sort of trading feature up for their continually-evolving game, a feature that fans have been after ever since the game launched. As for the third trademark, that one revealed the following image:


It all points again towards Destiny’s next big update, which will add to the extra features introduced in the House of Wolves and The Dark Below expansions, in what may or may not be called The Taken King. Again, E3 is around the corner, so expect more news out of the Destiny camp as year one for the game edges closer to the finish line.

I’d dig a trading house in Destiny. I’ve got gear that’s gathering dust, ready to be traded outside of the usual restrictive systems that Destiny has in place. And having such a feature could massively change the Destiny dynamic.

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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