Destiny: Rise of Iron is tweaking access to the Archon’s Forge

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Archon Forge (2)

I think the Archon’s Forge is Destiny’s best slice of PvE action. Meatier than the Court of Oryx and nowhere near as gruelling as a level 42 run in the Prison of Elders, the Archon’s Forge is quick and exciting action. To gain access to the Forge however, you need to do a fair bit of killing out in the Plaguelands as you hunt down Devil Splicers for a SIVA Offerings.

Said SIVA Offerings come in three varieties based on a Light Level challenge: You wot mate, Come Get Some and Batman V Superman theatrical review comments (Easy, medium and f***-off hard). Now here’s my gripe: There’s currently no set pattern to earning SIVA Offerings. If you’re lucky, one will randomly drop from a Fallen Devil, but the added wrinkle here is that you can only hold one of them at any given time.

Bungie is sort of of addressing this issue with the latest hotfix today (via VG247), as players will be able to earn a guaranteed SIVA Offering for the Archon’s Forge after they do a Quarantine Patrol mission in the Plaguelands. Here’s the breakdown of the hotfix:

Archon’s Forge

  • Quarantine Patrols will now always drop an Archon’s Forge Offering upon killing the Splicer Priest in the second phase of the Activity
  • Archon’s Forge has a higher chance to drop Offerings upon completion

That sounds better already. Gaining access to the Archon’s Forge is one of the few areas where Rise of Iron slipped up, especially when players were asked to do multiple runs of it for various bounties and their record books. At least this sounds like a massive improvement already. In addition to that, Bungie outlined a few other tweaks:


  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination Heist Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Echo Chamber Strike was appearing in the wrong playlist
  • Omnigul will now drop rewards once during a Strike and will require the Strike to be finished to drop additional rewards


  • Fixed an issue where players who completed the “Beauty in Destruction” Questline did not receive a Gjallarhorn
  • Players can retrieve their Gjallarhorn from the Weapon Blueprint Collection on the Year 1 tab
  • Fixed an issue where Vanguard Reputation Boosters were not working in the SIVA Crisis Strike Playlist

No more Omnigul exploit for you then. Rise of Iron is out right now. It’s a rather rad love letter to the fans.

Last Updated: September 30, 2016

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