Destiny: The Taken King – Breaking down the new Guardian sub-classes

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Destiny may only have three classes, but they offer plenty of variety thanks to each one having two sub-classes of abilities. Titans, Hunters and Warlocks are getting a massive upgrade in Destiny: The Taken King however, with a third sub-class that adds a host of new features and abilities.

And we’re breaking them down right here.

StormcallerWarlock Arc Elemental Class

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I’m not going to lie to you guys: The Warlock’s new sub-class is a proper bastard to deal with in the Crucible. Part magic, part UNLIMITED POWER, the Stormcaller gives the Warlock access to Arc elemental damage.


  • Lightning Grenade: Identical to the Striker Titan’s Lightning Grenade attack
  • Pulse Grenade: Identical to the Striker Titan’s Pulse Grenade attack
  • Deluge Grenade: Allows players to toss a grenade that creates an Arc storm in a small area that blasts the zone with lightning bolts over time

Stormtrance Super: Allows players to enter a trance mode that gives them the ability to fire friggin’ lightning from their hands.

  • Landfall: When your super is activated, players can summon a single bolt of lightning to their position that has a shockwave attack similar to the Fist of Havoc Aftershock
  • Superconductor: Stormtrance chaining abilities are doubled.
  • Electric Glide: While in Stormtrance, using the sprint function will teleport you short distances instead.


  • Thunderstrike – An Arc damage melee attack with short range
  • Chain Lightning: Thunderstrike chains from one struck enemy to another enemy
  • Tempestuous: Thunderstrike has greater range.
  • Rising Storm: Thunderstrike charges your Stormtrance, Ability, and Melee energies

Passive Mods

  • Rain Check: You’ll trigger a shockwave that disorients all nearby enemies after being revived.
  • Uninsulated: Any melee attacks on you will shock the culprit
  • Perpetual Charge: Grenade kills recharge your melee and vice versa
  • Gathering Storm: Stormtrance charges faster when allies are near you. When active, nearby enemies take constant damage from Stormtrance
  • Greased Lightning: Enemies damaged by your grenades create arc lightning bolts that chain to other nearby enemies
  • Wellspring: When cast with full grenade and Thunderstrike energy, Stormtrance will restore your health to full and last longer

Nightstalker – Hunter Void Elemental Class

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Bows are the go-to weapon in any shooter game these days. But Destiny is putting a new spin on the ancient weapon, with a Hunter sub-class that can tether opponents together for devastating effect.


  • Spike Grenade: Same as the Defender Titan Spike Grenade
  • Vortex Grenade: Same as the Voidwalker Warlock Vortex Grenade
  • Slash Grenade: Grenade creates an explosion that generates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light

Super: Shadowshot – Hunters are able to tether a large group of foes to a Void Anchor, which slows and silences them for a Fireteam

  • Inextricable: A percentage of damage taken by one tethered target is passed to all other tethered targets
  • Wait For It: Shadowshot will create a proximity tether that triggers when targets are near
  • Gloamranger: Reduced damage and buffed outgoing damage for your tethered Fireteam

Melee: Smoke – Throw a Smoke attack to slow and disorient those enemies caught within the cloud

  • Smog: Significantly increase the size of Smoke’s area of effect, allowing you to take on multiple targets
  • Envenomed: Add a toxin that suffocates and staggers enemies within Smoke
  • Snare: Smoke now sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near

Passive Mods

  • Uncanny Archer: Every target tethered increases your armor and recovery stats by 1 until Shadowshot needs to be recharged. Reduces time until next Shadowshot
  • Shadowtrapper: Tethers now have increased range, duration, and potency
  • Well Provisioned: Gain an additional grenade and significantly increase your grenade duration
  • Keen Scout: Sneak faster, gain an enhanced motion tracker that divides the radar into more sections
  • Rapid Shot: After firing your first Shadowshot arrow, you may fire up to two more explosive arrows in quick succession
  • Shadestep: Gain an evade move by double-tapping crouch

Sunbreaker – Titan Solar Elemental Class

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Simply put, the Titan’s new sub-class proves that it is indeed hammer time.


  • Fusion Grenade: Same as the Warlock Sunsinger Fusion Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade: Same as the Hunter Gunslinger Incendiary Grenade
  • Match Grenade: Same as the Nightstalker’s Slash Grenade, which creates a wall of elemental damage in a straight line that sends out waves of Solar energy

Super: Hammer of Sol – Summon a flaming hammer and hit them really hard hey. Hammer can be used for both melee and ranged attacks

  • High Noon: The higher your health, the more hammers you can throw and the bigger their impact
  • Suncharge: Press trigger to throw yourself forward and crushing nearby enemies
  • Conflagration: Ignite the world. Create sunspots of Solar damage where your Hammer of Sol impacts the world

Melee: Sunstrike – Ignite enemies with a heavy solar strike

  • Melting Point: Burns away the defenses of a target, making them take more damage from you and your allies
  • Fulminator: Sunstrike melee attack releases a Solar explosion on impact that ignites any enemies within the blast. Kills will also create a Sunspot around you
  • Stoke the Forge: Sunstrike melee cooldown is decreased, while a getting a killing blow with Sunstrike has the chance to instantly recharge it

Passive Mods

  • Fleetfire: Enemies brought down by your Solar fire grant you bonus agility and reload speed for a short time. Can stacks up to three times
  • Tempering: Grenade and Melee abilities cooldown are now significantly faster when the Hammer of Sol super is fully charged
  • Fire Keeper: Hammer of Sol will now last longer and you gain an overshield while standing near a Sunspot
  • Flameseeker: Your Hammer of Sol will alter its flight path to seek out any enemies
  • Cauterize: Enemies brought down by your Solar fire will help regenerate your health
  • Wildfire: Enemies brought down by your Hammer will explode and damage nearby enemies, setting them on fire

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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