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Destiny: Rise of Iron players are reaching 365 Light with the Omnigul farming method

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Destiny has always been a game where you slowly grow your legend and strength over the course of a year. Every extra point of Light on your gear matters, as some players spend months working their way up a single point at a time. Some other players, are of course a bit impatient and want max numbers right away.

Rise of Iron does allow for players to increase their Light Level by a fair chunk, although the base expansion will cap you at 350 as if it were the Telkom LTE department. For those players wanting to get close enough to survive the upcoming Wrath of The Machine 360 Light raid this weekend however? It’s time to pay a visit to an ol’ pal underneath the Skywatch, Omnigul.

You’ll need to hit the Will of Crota strike for this hack, as you’ll be able to easily farm engrams right from under Omnigul. Remember, you’ll have a chance to defeat her early on before she goes into final boss mode later in the strike. Once you’ve dealt with her there, just get your team to wipe out completely and restart the process all over again. Easy, with engrams for everybody.

Just make certain that you’re all packing some heat. Young Wolf’s Howl and the new Year Three Gjallarhorn pack some heavy damage, and you’ll be picking up engrams in no time. Equip the best armour and you’ll soon blitz your way up to a 365 light level. Don;t even bother upgrading this blue drops, as you can always infuse your favourite Legendary or Exotic gear with them later. Having an empty inventory also helps of course, as you rack up blue engram drops.

And for even more bonus points, tweet Gavin about your upgrades. He loves hearing how people have a higher Light Level than him. Loves it I say.

Last Updated: September 23, 2016

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  1. Nope. Will just earn my light the good old fashioned way: Hard work and lots of grinding!


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