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Destiny's beta a "huge slice of content"

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Today seems chock-full of Destiny news. I’m not complaining, we have a lot of questions about the game and want to know everything that there is to know. Details are emerging about the beta, and it looks like it will be an extensive experience.

Here is a new trailer for Destiny. Well, no, the gameplay isn’t new, but the commentary by top people from Bungie is new:

For those who don’t watch video, we get some explanation of the co-op strikes – you form part of a three-player Fireteam and go against wave upon wave of enemies as a team before taking on a boss. However, the really interesting parts of commentary came when they moved to chatting about the upcoming beta:

Between now and then there will be a lot of great moments. We’re going to welcome people to get a hands on with the competitive multiplayer for the first time at E3 and then this summer, we’re looking forward to anybody who wants to be a guardian of the last safe city to take their first steps into the world of Destiny in the beta.

[…] [We want to] give a sense of what it’s like to create a character, move through the world. What is it like to get your first assault rifle, your first hand cannon; make the choice between how you upgrade between kit. What does it mean for you in competitive multiplayer? What does it mean for you in a strike? We’re not really detailing exactly what we’re doing for beta, but we absolutely want it to be a huge slice of content.

Excellent, that means that hopefully Darryn and I can tell you what Destiny was like at E3, and then you can experience it for yourself in the beta. A later comment also makes it clear that Destiny will be going for a huge beta considering that they want “millions of people to come and get the experience and for our data center to get hammered on so that we can be sure we’re ready for day one.” Wow, data centers ready on day one? Loads of people getting experience with the game? This sounds like a game that might actually be impressive at launch. They are building up a lot of expectations, but so far they seem like they will be able to live up to them.

Last Updated: April 29, 2014

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