Destiny’s King’s Fall hard mode raid was beaten in just an hour

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Even if you’re a veteran in Destiny, a video game where you are the night-light of justice to the dark evil of the universe, you might have a challenge on your hands with the King’s Fall raid. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself as I hear tales of people now blasting their way through that fiendishly difficult level as if it were the Crota’s End raid all over again. Still, that’s the raid on its most vanilla of difficulty settings.

Last week however, King’s Fall unveiled a hard-mode, that was designed to really stick it to anyone who thought that they could handle god-mode Oryx. And it was beaten in an hour.

That’s according to Bungie, who tweeted the following:

That’s pretty impressive. King’s Fall on hard-mode has several significant changes. For starters, the War Priest now gains new abilities such as tracking shots or void-hole blasts when a Monolith is destroyed, while the Gologoroth fight turns one guardian into a kamikaze device that has the potential to wipe your whole team out if they get too close.

The debuff, Unstable Light, comes from standing in one of the pools o reclaimed light that is necessary to deal damage to Gologoroth, which turns the player into said human bomb. Naturally, they need to be shunned like the social outcast at your school, lest everyone in your team die. Sneaky.

As for Oryx, his fight is largely unchanged, but the Lighteater Ogres are now joined by Lighteater Knights who roam the battlefield and feast on corrupted light which doesn’t sound nearly as tasty as I was led to believe. Naturally, this increases potty-mouth buffs by 200%.

Last Updated: October 26, 2015

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