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Destiny’s next expansion, Rise of Iron leaks

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Rise of Iron

Good work leaked marketing materials! Over on Reddit, some misplaced marketing revealed that the next big expansion for Destiny is called Rise of Iron, which will presumably kick off year three for Bungie’s mega-franchise in September. And will probably be properly revealed at E3. According to sources at Kotaku, the Rise of Iron will be another massive update along the lines of last year’s The Taken King.

Rise of Iron will introduce a new raid that presumably focuses on the Fallen, and larger than the first two year one DLC packs. Size perception may vary of course. The Rise of Iron raid is also said to be loosely based on a raid that was actually cut out of the House of Wolves DLC from year one, giving that Fallen theme some more fuel for the fire.

Iron also plays a big part in Destiny. Namely, the regular Iron Banner event which has everyone hopping on over to the Crucible for a chance to have the random number generator smile on them after battle. Developer Bungie hasn’t exactly been clear with what they plan to do with Destiny for the rest of the year, outside of work from the live team that’ll provide regular and smaller infusions of content across the year.

With Destiny 2 being a 2017 release priority for Bungie as well, Rise of Iron should help keep the franchise relevant. But expect to see more of Rise of Iron, next month at E3. A sentence you’re going to be very familiar with as more and more games “leak”.

Last Updated: May 20, 2016

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