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Destiny’s Prison of Elders is about to get a lot more random

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2015 was the year that Destiny really found its footing, thanks to the House of Wolves and Taken King expansions. But more than that, it was the year in which the Prison of Elders was introduced to Guardians. A five-stage horde mode experience overseen by Variks through a piece of machinery that resembled Robocop’s flaming anus, Prison of Elders was teamwork at its best.

The mode eventually fell out of favour though, as the rewards for competing in it could barely match up to what was on offer in the year two armoury that came with The Taken King. Earlier this year in April however, Bungie gave the infamous prison a much-needed tune-up, tweaked the rewards and made it a hell of a lot more competitive in the process.

The current Prison of Elders has bounties to engage in, better rewards and doesn’t require players to farm for treasure key chests now that the Fallen Wolves are no longer roaming the game world. There’s also the whole points setup, with Guardian fireteams vying for the high score every week. Thing is, one fireteam has been dominating like an Unreal Tournament killing spree as of late.

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SdBattlefront, RedSox007 and BlazeBoss17 currently have a six-week streak in the Prison of Elders, although that might soon change with Bungie’s new plans for the PvE activity. The last 16 weeks have featured carefully curated modifiers and scenarios by Bungie, but next week will introduce random elements to the system, as Bungie explained:

This is the final week of Modifiers that were hand chosen by Bungie designers. Starting August 2nd, after 16 weeks of curation, Challenge of Elders will now have two difficulty Modifiers and one Bonus Multiplier randomly assigned each week. The bosses will also be chosen at random. Things could get crazy.

That could make for some crazy scenarios, seeing as how Destiny has a lot of modifiers present and damn those Hive Wizards to super-hell whenever Arc Burn is activated. Bastards.

Last Updated: July 29, 2016

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