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Destiny’s refer-a-friend program has the best launch trailer ever

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Destiny refer a friend

It can be hard to explain to my friends what I do for work sometimes. No, I don’t just sit at home in my slippers all day playing games. Okay, I do that, too. And yes, a large part of my day is built around watching YouTube videos and trailers, but that just makes me a connoisseur and let me tell you, this trailer for Destiny’s refer-a-friend program is absolutely adorable. It might even make you want to meet new friends just so that you can refer them to the game. Oh, and the rewards in-game are pretty cool, too.

Here is the far too cool trailer. Warning: it might create the urge to play Destiny with n00b friends.

Refer-a-friend isn’t a unique concept; it’s been used by MMOs to keep games alive for years. What I do find unique about the Destiny approach is that it’s actually geared towards the expansion, The Taken King, rather than keep early/base game content filled with new players. There are plenty of rewards to be earned, but these only come when referred friends purchase and activate Destiny: The Taken King on PS4 or Xbox One. Still it is a cool program to promote getting new players into the game without abandoning them. Of course Bungie knew to sweeten the deal, and the rewards are pretty cool, even for jaded veteran players.

  • Quest: The Hunt for Loot
  • Link of Friendship XP bonus buff
  • Elemental Kinblades (three Legendary Sword)
  • EV-34 Vector Infinite Sparrow
  • Duo Dance emote
  • High Five emote
  • Infinite Link shader
  • Sign of the Infinite emblem

Have a friend you’ve been nagging to join Destiny? Now there’s even more incentive. Just make sure they join on the same platform as you so that you can get that cute dance and awesome elemental blade. If you want to refer a friend, head on over to the official site so that you get credit for doing your bit to become legend. Now excuse me, I’m going to watch that seriously adorable trailer again.

Last Updated: November 24, 2015

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