Destiny’s secret room has nothing hiding in it

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Destiny's secret room doesn't really have a secret

Ever since the launch of The Taken King (or, more specifically, the new King’s Fall raid), Destiny players have been obsessing over a single secret room that can be found within it. Considering the very obscure nature of unlocking the room, players have assumed the room contained a huge secret – whether it be lore, loot or special event related. Turns out the emptiness of the room is pretty much as exciting as it gets.

Replying to all the fandom around the secret room, Destiny designer Luke Smith quelled any suspicion of hidden treasure. Turns out, the room is just a neat little easter egg for fans of dunking things in baskets. Like that one sport with the really orange ball.

The room itself requires a specific light-based code to open, and seems like it’s nothing more than a private room where Oryx could practice his slam dunks in peace. Because when trying to take over the whole universe becomes a little stressful, even the most evil dictators need a pad to kick back and relax. That, and it’s a pretty satisfying place for Guardians to show off some of their skills.

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There are plenty of other secrets that The taken King has introduced, but if you’ve been wasting your time in this particular room then it’s time to give it up. Instead spend your time fulfilling some new bounties, taking on new Strikes and generally enjoying all the other great content the expansion seems to offer. Like new, paid-for dance moves. I hear Destiny has never really been better.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • oVg

    Im sure this game was created by former crack cocaine dealers.

    • Darren Peach

      I thought much the same when it first came out. Now I find myself doing raids and crucible plus repetitive missions just to find loot. To what end, I honestly don’t know. But I do it anyway. Actually, I must be on crack….

      • Brady miaau

        you get some games and tv shows like that. You can name several reasons why it is bad, but it is still, somehow, fun. Hard to define.

        • oVg

          Like Jersey Shore 😛

          • Brady miaau

            Dunno, never seen that.
            Like Highlander the Series.

          • Darren Peach

            Jersey Shore, Yep. I watched it. I think it had more to do with the lack of good shows pn TV as opposed to Jersey Shore being any good.

          • oVg

            Its like a float tank session for the eyeballs. Just the eyeballs, like Kim Kardasian news it does not penetrate the membrane of my brain.

          • NamelessAndrew

            No. Just no.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    Then there’s no point to it. 😛

  • Grand Admiral Chief

    Oh, I thought there was a pallet of Vaseline in there

  • Grand Admiral Chief

    I loved the DX:HR basketball achievement. And the System Shock 2 one as well

    • Grand Admiral Chief

  • Brady miaau

  • Hammersteyn

    Maybe if you purchase the new dance moves and “bring it” on the court loot will drop?

  • lol

  • S.M. Archer

    I. Hate. Bungie. My team spent hours roaming that God Forsake room trying to figure out, if any, secrets to its madness. WHHHYYYYY?!?!? Why torture us with the task of getting in there if it is only for the lawlz? God I hate Bungie and while I’m playing tonight, doing my strikes like ya do, I will let everyone know so.

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