Destiny’s Taken King DLC won’t be cheap

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Right now, I’m only starting on my second character in Destiny. That’s after 30-plus hours spent on crafting my Titan, who now looks like a deadly Scottish Roman space-centurion who has seen way too many Iron Man films. And as I’ve been told, I’ve been able to do a lot more in those 30 hours than some people have been able to do in a 100 when the game first launched. Arriving on time to get the best out of the DLC has been a blessing. Destiny has more of that digital content on the way, ready to break boundaries on their game. But it’s gonna cost ya.

By now, everybody knows that the next bit of Destiny content happens to be The Taken King, thanks to Red Bull. According to Kotaku who claim to have received a marketing sheet from a tipster, The Taken King will be a massive piece of DLC for the game. One that’ll boast an equally hefty price tag of $40. So what do your bucks get you?

According to the leak, the big new addition will be that each of the three classes will now benefit from a third sub-class of abilities and new Super attacks. Warlocks get an electrical storm of Arc damage, Hunters get a Void gravity bow and Titans can wield a Solar hammer. In case you haven’t noticed, it looks like each Guardian is getting a super ability based on a damage element that was previously missing from their arsenal.

Other new features aren’t exactly surprising. There’ll be new Strikes, PVP maps for the Crucible, gear and a big new Raid, something which was missing from House Of Wolves. Crota’s big daddy Oryx is back in our solar system, and he has a hard-on for revenge, having brought his army of the Taken to help him turn you and your fellow Guardians into space-ash.

Furthermore, the new content will help end the first year of Destiny when it arrives on September 15 according to the leak. As usual, we’ll need to wait and see if there’s any validity to all of this at E3 next week.

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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