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Destiny’s Trials of Osiris sounds incredibly addictive

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Despite the perceptions you may come across on the internet, Destiny is still very much alive and kicking. It might not have the massive, mainstream appeal people expected it to have after launch, but there still seems to be a dedicated pocket of people who love the shooting, grinding and looting fun that Bungie has on offer. And if you hang around the PvP realm more often than others, Bungie is catering to you with House of Wolves.

Aside from the story content (and lack of another raid), the upcoming House of Wolves expansion is making really big changes to the most neglected part of the Destiny experience: online, PvP multiplayer. It’s a mode that has been an eternal grind for a long time, and one which fans have been begging to change. House of Wolves tweaks the formula here and then, and also adds probably the most exciting mode in the game right now.

Firstly, Crucible modes are becoming a lot more generous with rewards. That means double the experience, double the engram drops and even more rewards for playing games from the featured list. This is a small but important change to PvP, which felt like a long, boring grind to even the most dedicated players. Hopefully now a healthy investment into the Crucible will yield equally deserving rewards.

But the biggest addition with House of Wolves has to be The Trials of Osiris. Here, players buy into a wild card of Elimination games, which can only be launched if you have a pre-made party of three. The matches have no respawns (although you can revive teammates), awarding a point to the last team standing. Nab five, and you win the match – immediately kicking off the next one. This carries on until you lose, at which point your streak is evaluated for rewards.

Think of Hearthstone’s Arena mode here for a bit more clarity. The aim is to maintain a long winning streak, with a nine win cap. The more you string together, the better loot you’ll see available for purchase afterwards. It sounds incredibly addictive if you have two friends along to join the ride, and a way to ensure that your gear advantages are not glanced over in PvP.

If you’re playing on PS4, that exclusivity deal snags you an extra map too, when House of Wolves drops on May 19th. It might not have the raid you’ve been looking forward to, but it’s nice to see the PvP realm getting some much deserved love. Even if it’s only in paid additional content.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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