Destiny’s weekly raids are going to make you cry

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Destiny 3

Destiny is just six days away! I absolutely loved my time in the recent beta – more so when I was playing with other people instead of all on my own. Pairing up with friends to tackle a difficult mission was tough and rewarding, but Bungie says Raids are where things are going to get really intense.

As any MMO player will probably already know, raids are particularly tough instance meant for multiple players to attempt. That isn’t different in Destiny, with six players being required for each raid. Earlier this year Bungoe opened up one raid to a few players, and immediately realized that things were far too difficult.

Out of the four teams invited, only two of them reached the final encounter. The third team made it there eventually after skipping previous encounters entirely, while the fourth essentially rage quit and went back to playing normal modes. Bungie has tweaked Raids since them, balancing difficulty with reward, but they’re still the toughest parts of the game.

If you manage to get through a raid, a new Hard Mode will be unlocked. This punishes players more for death, makes enemies harder to kill and gives them more damage. Destiny’s Dark Souls, if you will.

“In addition to deadlier combatants, tighter tuning windows for encounter mechanics and a handful of targeted differences, Hard mode encounters leverage an even harsher death penalty than the Normal modes.”

Your progress through raids will be saved, so you won’t have to restart from the beginning if you take multiple bullets to the face. You will, however, only have a week to claim the raid specific reward. Every week Bungie hits a reset on raids, giving players new Legendary rewards to claim. This is the crack component of Destiny that will have you coming back for more.

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It’s not always easy to find six players you want to play with, so you’ll probably have to get comfortable with random people intruding in your Destiny universe to have an hopes of claiming some Legendary loot. Regardless, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to dive back in next week.

Last Updated: September 3, 2014

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Anyones PS+ update yet?

    • Hammersteyn

      Ive been working like a high class Bangkok lady boy this week, will try and check tonight

      • All last months games gone with nothing there, that’s why I’m asking, thought it loaded at 4pm

      • Nevermind, it magically updated

      • William6135

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  • Ibrahim Chhaya

    Did you guys remove the EvoPoints thing?

  • Scott

    Xbox One GT: GSTC615 throwing it out there in case anyone wants to try to form a raid team before Tuesday. Houston, TX, USA Central Time. Available to play in the evening hours.

  • Jonah Cash

    The thing you don’t mention which had twitter in uproar again yesterday is that you can’t play with random people. The raids are only open to you and people you invite yourself….. So no random matchmaking for it!!

    Some guys created a website where players can meet and invite each other to play raids together…

    • Guild

      I think we have enough ppl to put together a few raid teams. I checked the group on bungie and they removed the Clan option for some reason. So I am wondering what is up with that.

      • Jonah Cash

        That is weird…. Also yeah I think we should be OK with our numbers, but Twitter had a heart attack after the news broke!! As it so often does these days!!

        • Guild

          I suppose for ppl who like to play alone will now need to make friends 😛

      • Nikola

        Well I am in for raids big time will be playing this religiously:)

        • Guild

          Same. There is a large group of us on the PS4 so there should be enough to hit raids every week.

    • Nikola

      You gona be doing some raids?

      • Jonah Cash

        Hell yes!! Myself, Hammersteyn and Sageville played a whole Saturday afternoon together and it was fun!! Way more than I thought it would be!!

        • Nikola

          Ok thats awesome at least I have 1 person who is keen for raids now I just got to find a few more..but with Lazygamer clan thingy we have sure we will get enough:) I absolutely can not wait few more days!!!!!! will definetly hit you up for some strikes and raids:)

          • Jonah Cash

            Shot, I am in!! I also think we should be good with the Lazygamer clan…

  • WarframedSquirrel

    But it’s not an MMO… Bungie has said so… but does running around areas with random people being in those areas kinda make it an MMO?

    • Weanerdog

      An MMO? like in Massively Multiplayer Online. Well Destiny is online, it also is played with others which would make it like a sort of Multiplayer and I think hat the devs are seriously hoping that more than a few will partake, in fact they are hoping it will be massive. But who cares what it is called, if its fun play it if its not play something else.

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