Destructoid lashes out at Sony

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Sony have been taking a real beating in this generation, what with mainstream media, major distributors, mainstream gaming websites and most blogs giving it a lashing over it’s poor performance when it comes to the PS3.

And now upsteps Destructoid to give them their own brand of punishment and I would recommend everyone give this one a read as it has been really well written and, I feel, is very accurate.

In a nutshell Jim Sterling has pointed the finger squarely at the Sony PR department for the continuing humiliation that the executives are putting the PS3 through. Instead of accepting it’s failings and working on it’s very obvious strengths Sony has decided to close it’s eyes and bash on as if nothing bad is happening.

He also goes on to specifically call out the supposed PS3 fans who will crucify anyone who speaks badly of the platform, you know who he’s talking about. All the people who have branded every major gaming site Xbox fanbots and who believe that the Sony execs have never said anything stupid…

So if your interested then click through the link below and take a look at a well written rant and if you are thinking “Who cares anymore” then remember that we need a strong opposition to the Xbox else the arrogant hat is just going to float over to Redmond and we will all be whining about that in the next generation.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: July 13, 2009

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