Destructoid now lashes Microsoft – this time it doesn’t hurt so much

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You may remember a while back Jim Sterling of Destructoid posted up a rant against the PS3 hierarchy and PR teams basically stating that it’s their fault that Sony gets the bad media attention it does.

Well obviously he was roundly called a fanboy and blasted for no real reason but being a consummate professional he has done what every journalist would do and posted up a new article blasting Microsoft for what they did wrong in an attempt to clear his name.

Well to be honest I don’t think it will work as once someone believes you are a fanboy there is nothing you can do to get out of that mould and his rant against Microsoft is a little soft on the ground.

The basic gist of the fight is that no one asked Microsoft to join the fight and the only reason they did was for corporate greed, which is fine except that they joined the fight with shoddy hardware that forces gamers to me fearful whenever they turn on their 360’s. Everyone who owns a 360 is scared of the RROD and for good reason, it (or the E74) is most probably going to strike us all down one day.

The other issue he has with Microsoft is their greed, who can justify spending 250 points on a premium theme? Or paying for Avatar clothing… what’s worse is that the price of Arcade games is slowly increasing and we are just happy to accept that. Where once top games were 800 points we are now looking at 1200 and possibly 1600 points for a game.

But really all his complaints are about the same thing, Microsoft as a company is putting profit before consumers and always will. Some people are now going to use this to point out that Xbox fanboys are not as virulent as PS3 fanboys but in reality they just haven’t been poked that hard and won’t respond as much.

Check out the full article through the jump along with accusations of Microsoft blindly copying Nintendo

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: July 27, 2009

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