Desura’s owner has filed for bankruptcy

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Not very long ago at all, we told you that Desura, the indie games store, was stiffing developers. The company that owns it, the appropriately named Bad Juju blamed the lack of payments to developers on their own lack of an automated payments system. They blamed that on their CEO being in hospital, and nobody else having clearance to sign things off – which really just tells me that the company is poorly managed. They now have another excuse: Bankruptcy.

According to the chaps at Rock Paper Shotgun, Bad Juju was indeed a portent of a bad future. They say that somebody from Bad Juju has confirmed the bankruptcy with them, meaning it’s very likely that Desura, one of the oddest indie game stores, will soon cease to be. Desura’s always been a bit of a strange store, willing to sell the things that not even Steam would touch – but since Greenlight’s come along, I think fewer and fewer developers have deemed the service necessary. The Humble Indie store and nicely fill up the void that’ll soon be left.

Bad Juju purchased the service from Second Life developer Linden Labs late 2014, and reports of late and missing payments surfaced not to long after that. Spokespeople from the company then decided that the “Everything is fine!” response would be best, despite very probably knowing that it would soon be the end times for Desura.

Thankfully, the games that the service has sold are DRM-free, so when Desura goes away, your games will still work.

Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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