Detroit: Become Human isn’t a sci-fi game

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David Cage’s video games are polarising, to say the least. Sure, they’ve got visuals that most developers would sell their children for if they could harness such graphical power on their games, but at the same time they’re not exactly the best when it comes to proper interaction.

Some are hits, some are misses. And the last game from David Cage and his studio Quantic Dreams, Beyond: Two Souls, was certainly a miss. Which means that he may be due a hit, if the Star Trek theory holds up. Detroit: Become Human is his next title, which currently looks like a real-world remake of AI: Artificial Intelligence. Just don’t call it a sci-fi game.

“There are androids that look, speak and move exactly like human beings. So they’re used to do different tasks,” Cage said in a new video.

We didn’t want to do sci-fi. We didn’t want to invent any technology that doesn’t exist in labs today. We wanted the world to look familiar to the player so we really feel like how “I know this place, this is a real place”.

But at the same time be surprised at each corner.

As Cage explained, Detroit isn’t just a catchy name for the game. It’s also a location, an environment for the story to unfold in. After exploring the actual city of Detroit with his team, Cage was inspired by the city that has been wrecked recently by one big financial crisis after another that has left it perilously close to being a real-world version of the Robocop Detroit.

Detroit 1

“Detroit is really a fascinating place. It’s a great place for industry, but also for creative people, for artists of all kinds and we thought that if one day if an energy industry has to appear somewhere, it should be Detroit,” Cage explained.

It would be a logical place in many ways. We went there and really explored to see inside out. And yes we’ve seen abandoned churches and the abandoned places but at the same time we saw fantastic places, we met fantastic people and we could really feel the energy that was there and that was very inspiring.

Like previous games that Cage worked on, Detroit: Become Human will sport some fancy new software. “Detroit is featuring a brand new 3D engine,” Cage said.

We love to do 100 per game which is a bit crazy but the ideas of course leverage the power of the console and really try to offer a visual experience and a gameplay experience that will be hopefully much better than the previous generation consoles.

And we tried to use the technology to improve the graphics but also to improve the emotion that the player will feel having better facial animation, having better lighting and having larger environments with a lot of life passing by.

It’s still a sci-fi game, I think. Just a sci-fi game, where that genre isn’t constantly in the spotlight.

Last Updated: October 29, 2015

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