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Deus Ex Code cracked, mystery remains

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Yesterday we told you about the “special message” that Deus Ex Players were given – and it seemed to be some sort of cryptographic code. Well, the Reddit hive-mind has cracked that code – but it leaves us no closer to knowing anything.

First string: okM8-+Ds4Dui?IMh$Mzvm14SBqe7;G.l6=u74b?mkh-45Ki60d+98XBpCku7
Second string: 5 -/!f/fq/xc/qy/d3/?x/t$/j#
Third string: r 5 / i e / y p
fourth string: a d / u k / w 0
fifth string: b o / z v / 3 n / 4 h / 9 b / $ = / = 8 / s t / – 9
sixth: o./ll/e;/6u/;6/h+/v?/kr/1i

A clever somebody figured out that using simple character substitution on the uppercase letters only, the whole mess of letters, numbers and symbols leads to a website; http://13311tower.com/. You’ll find, on that page, that clicking the illuminati symbol throws up a login screen, prompting for username and password. Somehow, somebody though to look at the image info for the background image, which curiously contained GPS co-ordinates. There’s also a link to an audio file. Those co-ordinates pointed to central Australia’s Ayer’s Rock – otherwise known as “Uluru”. The audio file, meanwhile, contains Morse code. Deciphering that code throws up “11m13clinic”

Logging in to the webpage using those credentials gives you just this image, which doesn’t help solve anything at all – but it does mean we’ll possibly be closer to finding out on Sunday.

Last Updated: August 31, 2011

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