Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition Winners!

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We’re giving away two copies of this month’s hottest game, thanks to the lads at Megarom. We asked you how you’d augment your body given the choice…and it’s rather clear that some of you are sociopaths.

I’m not going to judge you though (because I already have). What I’m going to do is let you know who won!

This is how it worked; telling us your augment of choice gave you an entry. Including a picture (hand\d-0rawn ones rocked especially) gave you another. Finally, making us laugh/think or cry with your entry granted you a third. We ran these entries through our amazing, augmented robotron randomiser, and this is what it spat out :

Martin Du Preez, the sexist cad who wants a polishable knob  won the PS3 version, while the Xbox version goes to Hiro, who curiously also wanted a metallic member. I think it’s time to have a word with our robotron, because it seems to have developed an affinity for penises. That , I guess, is what happens when you leave it in Ian’s care for too long.

Winners have been notified, and should they respond soon enough, they’ll have the game by tomorrow, ready for an entire weekend of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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