Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer

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This is the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk role-playing FPS from Eidos. To date, all we’ve had to ogle has been cinematic trailers. That ends now! If you’ve been wracked with anxiety about whether or not this game will live up to the original Deus Ex (something that the original’s sequel, Invisible War, didn’t do too well at) then it looks like you can relax.

This new video has just assured Deus Ex’s spot at the top of my “Most Anticipated for 2011” list. In the trailer, the player has to infiltrate a penthouse, hack a guarded terminal and escape. All manner of cybernetic modifications and weapons are shown, as well as how the game will handle the inventory and skills upgrade layout.

So what do you think? It really looks as if it’s captured the same feel of the original; there’s lots of sneaking, hacking, modifications and the whole lot is set against a gritty, cyberpunk future. I can’t wait.

Last Updated: November 19, 2010

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