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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided won’t have terrible, binary endings

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Deus ExL Mankind Divided won't be making the same mistakes

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was absolutely incredible. It boasted some of the best level design in the industry, a story of political intrigue and social divides and stealth gameplay that truly rewarded choice. In fact, choice was a big part of Human Revolution, all the way up until the very end. At the climax of Jensen’s debut adventure, players were presented with endings that didn’t take into a count the countless hours of game time you had put in. And it wasn’t right.

Eidos Montreal understand that this (and the dreadful outsourced boss fights) were some of the worst parts of their rebooted prequel. And it’s just one of the facets of the game that’s being changed drastically for the upcoming sequel. In an interview with GamesRadar+, Eidos’ Mary Demarle explained how Mankind Divided is going to be watching every move you make throughout.

“Because on Human Revolution, we were having it all come down to that moment where there’s a button press at the end of the game, and it triggers one of the different endings. But on this one, we actually are looking at, ‘ok, we’re going to give you different actions and different choices, and you go different paths, and how does that go?’

“So when you’re embracing all those multifaceted, branching choices, et cetera, it gets hard enough. And then to pull in that fulfillment of what the character wants, it does get very challenging. And I can’t really give you a formula for doing it, it all comes down to constant iteration, constant play, and constant feel for the character and the player experience.”

Player choice is a big part of how Mankind Divided changes the formula, and it’s crystal clear in some of the new gameplay that surfaced yesterday. It’s still the classic Human Revolution style of design, but the way the game allows you to play in any way you choose really shines through.

Metal Gear Solid V is critically acclaimed because of the way it allows you to easily switch up tactics on the fly to create some truly memorable dynamic set-pieces. Mankind Divided, it seems, is doing exactly the same. It’s out next February.

Last Updated: October 9, 2015

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