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Deus Ex mod removes beer goggle visuals, looks much better

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Over here at the Lazygamer offices, we love us some Deus Ex Human Revolution. We’ve been praising the title for weeks now, enjoying its open-ended structure and plethora of customisable gameplay options.

The one thing that we haven’t been too sold on however, are the in-game visuals. Sure, they look all nice and pretty, and the renaissance influences have created a strong impression, but that lukewarm golden glow can get a bit weird at times. Also, it makes me feel sleepy for some reason. Now, the same guys who managed to bring GTA: San Andreas into a graphical realm on par with its next-gen predecessor, have returned, bringing with them a patch that makes DX: HR look even better.

With the golden filter turned down heavily, the ENBSeries mod takes the cyber-ball and runs wild with it, presenting a much better view of the future. Players can expect much richer colours, improved lighting, and better smoke effects.

The only downside however, is that you’ll most likely need to heavily augment your own PC to run the game with the patch installed, but tis worthwhile to play the game with such maxed out visuals.

This is merely the first version of the patch however, so expect even more improvements in the coming weeks with which to push your PC to the edge. Check out some of the images below for a comparison, courtesy of PC Gamer.





Last Updated: September 23, 2011

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