Deus Ex trailer makes me want to sever my limbs

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I’ve not regularly been overcome with the desire to sever my wrists, but this new Deus-ex trailer makes me want to do just that.

It’s not because I have bee stricken with some sort of sociopathic mental disease, that’s entirely unrelated I’m sure – but rather because I’d love mecha-jazz hands that would allow me to do stuff without having learnt anything.

Getting rid of my arm to throw a ball pretty much as far as I can throw one now though seems a bit extreme but then again replacing my eyeball with a camera has it’s advantages…

Confused? Don’t be, just take a look at this latest teaser trailer for Deus Ex which shows us a scary or wonderful future depending on which side of the bionic fence you are sitting on. Of course, Geoff would probably just use his new cybernetic hands to pleasure himself…

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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