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Developer pleads with pirates to pay for the game so he can pay his rent

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Piracy is not a new problem in the gaming industry and we’ve had developers ask pirates to pay for their game instead of simply stealing it but the developer behind InFlux has put quite an emotional heartfelt appeal out to the pirates who are downloading his game.

“I’m Joe Wintergreen. I run Impromptu Games. We made this game.

I just wanted to ask you all to please consider buying InFlux if you enjoy playing it and have the money. We’re not a big company. This is our first commercial PC game, and we’d really appreciate your support, especially me (I seriously have no idea how I’m paying rent this month).

You can currently get the game from GOG, Amazon or the Humble Store via http://www.influxgame.com for ten bucks (you can also tip, if you want, on Humble). If you’re not able to buy it for whatever reason, I’d still appreciate your feedback on the game.”

Where Joe gets his message right is when he states he can’t afford to pay rent and that if you really can’t afford it then he is asking for feedback.

Either way he is hoping that you will reward him for the hard work he has put into the game while at the same time now calling you out for the freeloading scumbag that you really are.

I truly hope it works and that at least 10% of the pirates decide the hand over some cash to Joe as it would be disgusting to see him lose his place simply because people refused to pay a measly $10 for a game they were playing.

As you can see I’m still not a fan of pirates.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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