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Developing for the PS3 just sucks

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John Olin from Xbox-evolved has been talking to some EA developers about a bunch of different things, most of it was your general run of the mill stuff, like what new games are they looking at and why these annual sports games never seem complete.

However he also touched on the difference between developing for the 360 and PS3…

The truth is the PS3?s tools and the way it works just sucks?, a developer on the NASCAR series told me. ?The truth is they are both virtually the same in terms of hardware when it comes to how powerful they are, maybe the PS3 has a few different things that makes it a bit more advance, and Sony has this idea that it is designed for optimal development but that?s a load of crap

Now take all of this with a heap of salt as the site is hardly unbiased but this is not the first time these sorts of stories have appeared.

To develop for the 360 the developers get to use Visual Studio which is pretty much the industry standard and benchmark in development. Sony has its own proprietary tool which obviously has not had nearly the same amount of man hours in it… The easier Microsoft make it to develop for the 360 the more developers will start to use it as the main platform.

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Last Updated: August 28, 2007

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