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DGL lands CoolerMaster sponsorship, starts hard booking

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Hard booking

While I’m excited when I hear about new LAN tournaments or events, nothing can compare with the DGL in South Africa. It is the eSports league locally, and worthwhile for anyone who enjoys competitive gameplay. Now the rewards are stepping up, as is the organization.

CoolerMaster will be sponsoring the cooler masters at the DGCs this year – they will be sponsoring over R70k in cash and hardware prizes to the Call of Duty: Ghosts winners. Here are the prizes those FPS champions can grab:


  1. 5 x QuickFire Rapid-I keyboards, 5 x Sirus C headsets, 5 x Mizar mice and R10,000 in cash.
  2. 5 x Sirus C headsets, 5 x Mizar mice and R5,000 in cash.
  3. 5 x Sirus C headsets

Xbox 360:

  1. 4 x Sirus C headsets and R5,000 in cash
  2. 4 x Sirus C headsets and R3,000 in cash
  3. 4 x Sirus C headsets and R2,000 in cash

This is certainly very cool for the competitors on both sides of the COD: Ghosts championships – these prizes are excellent incentives for people to up their game and compete.

However, a big part of competition is spectating. Regardless of the type of sport, it just ends up feeling like practice unless people are watching and engaged. The DGL knows this and has implemented hard booking for two of the premier leagues, Dota 2 and CS: GO. This means that the times and dates are set by DGL admins instead of decided upon between the teams. As a result, shout casters and spectators can schedule accordingly. We are still waiting for shout casters to give details on which matches they will be covering, but we look forward to giving you detailed info in the future about when and where you can watch DGL matches as they go down.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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