Diablo 3 has been confirmed for consoles

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Yes according to the Community Manager at Blizzard Entertainment on Twitter the console version of Diablo has now been confirmed.

In a twitter reply to a question by a follower he tweeted the following

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However apparently now Blizzard is saying that he wasn’t confirming the console version but rather that a console version is being investigated and we shouldn’t jump to such conclusions without really asking the right questions.

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Hold on, let’s go back a little and see what the original question was.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/TaNGoIX/status/156214064723402753″]

.. yeah I can see where the confusion in this scenario came from.

So there you have it, a console version was pretty solidly confirmed and then denied by the same person. Honestly I’m going with his first tweet and just because the higher ups freaked out and told him to fix it doesn’t change the blatantly obvious confirmation that he gave to the first question.

I wonder how it’s going to work on console without the continuous clicking of the mouse to move your guy every 2 pixels?.. also I’m not even marking this one as a rumour.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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