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Diablo 3 is headed to Playstation 3 and 4

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Brace yourselves, because today is unofficially Playstation 4 day. We finally got official confirmation on the console last night, sans any imagery of the device itself, as well as a whole heap of next-gen games that will be debuting on the device. One current-gen game that is arriving on the Playstation 3 and 4 consoles though? Why, it’s good ol’ El Diablo 3.

Announced by Blizzard last night at the New York event, the developer says that started a “strategic partnership” with Sony and have plans for “world domination”. Beyond that, nothing else was really shown. No gameplay footage, no explanation as to how exactly the world of Sanctuary would play on the consoles or what kind of user interface we could expect from the game. What we do know, is that all the latest patches, events and updates to the game will be included. Single and multiplayer will be a given, alongside some local co-op modes as well.

Naturally, quite a few PC gamers are more than a tad bit miffed at this news, citing that their Diablo was dumbed down for the third game, in order to appeal to a mass market of console gamers, which led to this comment on the Diablo 3 forums, via Kotaku:

Diablo 3 was setup to be a console game.

The reason only 4 players are allowed into a game is for 4 controllers.

The reason the quests make you walk in a linear closed circuit as opposed to big open worlds, is to keep your buds next to you on the same screen.

The reason for no skill points or complicated number crunching? To make console players happy.

The reason you have 4-5 skills on your bar at once? Very easy to use an Xbox/Ps3 controller to use skills.

The reason no runes / complicated item mechanics exists. Simply wouldn’t be fun for console gamers.

The reason you can’t host a named game? Auto join for console users.

The reason for achievements in game? It’s popular among console / COD fans.

The reason for passive skills? Perks like Call of Duty uses. Everyone unlocks perks and uses their favorite ones.

PC gamers are just beta testing for the console release so it wont be full of bugs. That’s how ActiBlizz intends to make the real money.

Also explains why the game doesn’t have VoIP for Pc gamer chat.

Diablo 3 is the modern Call of Duty of ARPG’s.

Blizzard is promising more details come PAX East from March 22-24, where the game will be properly demoed.

Last Updated: February 21, 2013

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