Diablo 3's online starter compromise

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Blizzard recently locked new online purchases of its global sales smashing Diablo III, meaning those who bought it digitally would be stuck with the “Starter Edition” for up to three days. They’ve now loosened that restriction somewhat, allowing players to progress past Act I.

Player’s will now also be able to level higher than 13 – with Blizzard saying the previous restrictions were an “unintended consequence” from the last patch. The latest sub-patch, 1.03a fixes that faux pas, with only the following restrictions still in place:

  • No public game access for unverified digital purchasers
  • No auction house access (real-money or gold) for unverified digital purchasers
  • Unverified digital purchasers cannot trade items or drop items for other players to receive
  • Unverified digital purchasers are not able to chat in any public or game channels
  • Unverified digital purchasers cannot attach a custom message to friend requests, but they can send/accept friend requests, and play with their friends
  • Global Play is not available for unverified digital purchasers

Blizzard says the lock is in place, as it is with World of Warcraft, to prevent credit card fraud, and that the shackles are lifted once transactions are verified – a process that they says takes between one and three days. Still, now you can at least get somewhere in your permanetly connected, always online single player game.

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Last Updated: June 29, 2012

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