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Diablo III Could See A 2011 Release – We Have Gameplay Footage

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Have you, like me, been waiting a ridiculously long time for a new Diablo game to finally come out? Goodness knows we have had some good clones and the folks from the original team have also given us the great Torchlight series which sees its sequel release this year as well.

But now it looks like we may very well finally be getting the long awaited third Diablo game… and before 2012.

We also have 7 minutes of gameplay footage along with more info, after the jump.

So why is it that we think that Diablo III may see a 2011 release? Well, it’s because the President and Co-founder of Money Co. Activision-Blizzard Mike Morhaime said – during the companies earning call – that the Diablo team is pushing hard for a release in 2011.

The Diablo III beta is set to begin in September. Now, feast your eyes on this big fat chunk of Diablo III gameplay footage. While there are so many reasons to like what’s seen in the video, I actually found myself incredibly impressed with the sound quality of all things.

Crank it up, you’ll see. Here you go.

For additional documents as well as a bunch of great screenshots, check the source link below:

Source: VE3D

Last Updated: August 4, 2011

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