Diablo III director calls it quits

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Jay Wilson was, until very recently, the man in charge of Diablo III. He’s also, according to some fans of the series, the man responsible for ruining the franchise. Those people would be happy to know that he’s stepped down – and will move on to other things within Blizzard.

In a post on the blizzard forums, Wilson let fans know about his decision to leave Sanctuary for good.

“I’ve reached a point creatively where I’m looking forward to working on something new,” he wrote. “The powers that be at Blizzard have been gracious enough to give me that opportunity. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be moving off of the Diablo 3 project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard.

“This decision was not an easy one for me, and not one I made quickly, but ultimately it’s what I feel is right.”

Wilson assured fans that development on Diablo III will carry on as normal, and his departure won’t have a negative effect on the features planned for the future.

“I’m leaving Diablo 3 in good hands, and my departure will not jeopardize the progress of the game as we continue to do what we do: listen, play, and improve,” he said. “I also won’t be abandoning the team, and will remain available to them during the transition period while we determine who will take over duties as game director.

“Our commitment to making our games as good as they can be is what has always defined Blizzard as a game studio, and that commitment never ends for us at a ship date. With your help, we’ll continue to play, debate, and improve Diablo 3, as we’ve done with every Blizzard game.”

He’s been the guy in charge of Diablo for the last 7 years, and I’m left wondering if his move was the demoralised result of the acerbic fan scorn he’s received in the 7 months since Diablo III’s release. Many long-time fans – who played Diablo II for years have already given up on D3, feeling that it lacks something.

The responses to the post are a mixture of well wishes, and the expected cheers, praising his departure. On which side of the fence do you sit?

Last Updated: January 18, 2013

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