Diablo III finally gets PvP…sort of

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Diablo III launched with its fair share of issues – and now, more than half a year after its release, it’s still missing a number of promised features, not least of which is proper PvP. As outlined in a post on the state of PvP, Blizzard said it’s just not ready for primetime, but it will be getting PvP of sorts, duelling, in the next update.

“Our original intent with PvP for Diablo III was to provide more formal support for the duelling community that existed in Diablo II,” lead designer Jay Wilson said. “We wanted to give players some kind of structure that would not only make it easier for you to duel with one another, but also allow you to have duels that were team-based. This is how our Team Deathmatch mode emerged, and it’s been instrumental in making a lot of improvements to Diablo III. But in continuing to develop this mode, playtest it, and put it in front of other developers within the company, we’ve found that it falls short of our expectations for a high-quality Blizzard experience.”

Instead, patch 1.07 introduces duelling, a one-on-one or up to four player free-for-all that has you battling other plays for no good reason whatsoever. Yeah, that’s right; duelling isn’t scored, no stats are saved and there are no objectives. Instead, it’s all just for bragging rights.

Here’s how it works:

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