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Diablo III players burned off 820 968 kgs of bacon

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For the Diablo III one-year anniversary, this info graphic was posted on battle.net.  While most of the information is boring, there are some parts that I must say I found cute – still won’t make me play, though.

Beginning with the ‘normal’ info, there are things like difficulty progression that I was interested in – 33% of players cleared the game on normal difficulty with only 6% clearing it on inferno.

What I really liked were the arbitrary and random facts.

  • If the 648+ trillion gold coins looted in Diablo II were the same size as a US Quarter, it would be enough to fill Scrooge McDuck’s money bin 679 times
  • Each mouse click burns 0.00142 calories.  If one monster death = 1 mouse click (which we know isn’t the case, but hey), Diablo III players have burned approximately 4.7 billion calories.  That’s 8,597,806 Big Macs!

I just wonder if Blizzard will reconstruct the Scrooge McDuck money bin so that they can also dive into their ridiculous earnings.

Last Updated: May 22, 2013

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