Did Dick let the cat out of the bag? Is there a new Microsoft console?

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No not that Dick

Famed Australian retailer, Dick Smith, has possible leaked an early E3 surprise with the reveal of an exciting new console coming from Microsoft this year.

The pre-order page currently has very little information besides the fact that it will be an exciting new console and the current placeholder price is set to $999. There are a few options that this could be. Firstly it could be a brand new console and Microsoft is going to rock the gaming industry to its core by dropping the Xbox One as their lead console after only 1 year.

The chance of this happening is around 0%. The other option is that Microsoft will refresh the Xbox 360 again – but it’s unlikely.  The current design was released at E3 last and looks a lot like the Xbox One.

The last, and most likely option is that this new console is simply a different version of the Xbox One, maybe a different colour, larger hard drive or the rumoured disc-less option.

The Xbox One has always been targeted at individuals with great Internet connections but half the planet is still stuck in the past with low speed connections and the Xbox 360 can continue to serve their needs for a good few years.

Good old Dick Smith have also listed two exciting new games for the Xbox One and PS4 which are to be released in September. I’d eat a proverbial hat if these aren’t Grand Theft Auto V for the current consoles.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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