Did SEGA leak the PSP2’s release date… is it today?

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SEGA of America has posted up an image taken on an iPhone 3GS of their 2 glorious fan art winners that I know nothing about, however what is interesting is that in the comment they state.

“Awesome! Our two glorious Fan Art winners, shown here in a sneak-peek to herald the release of PSP2 tomorrow!”

So instantly the world erupts, scans this image to see what Sony have changed on the PSP and then gets themselves all worked up as it looks identical to the current PSP.

and then the slow realisation that Sega is talking about Phantasy Star Portable 2 and not PlayStation Portable 2 begins to take hold and we all go back to crying in our beer waiting for that awesome handheld with 2, hear me Sony 2, analogue sticks.

So unfortunately we are not getting a surprise release of the Sony PSP 2 today… but you didn’t expect that to be true now did you?

Source: SarcasticGamer

Last Updated: September 15, 2010

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