So, yesterday I told you about the international friendly between South Africa and Mexico in which South Africa utterly destroyed the Mexican team. It was a crushing defeat, and there seemed to be no real competition at all. Now it appears that this might not have been the actual Mexican team.

I spoke with Colin Webster, and will be updating this article with the official Mexican federation details ASAP. However, here is what we know so far:

  • The MSSA contacted their Mexican counterparts to arrange an International Friendly
  • The Mexican team that was brought forward was clearly not of the same caliber as expected of national teams
  • Accusations are now flying that the team members were not actually Mexican, that they are actually LoL players with no Dota 2 experience, and that the MSSA are a bunch of frauds for presenting this team as the Mexican national team.

Once I can give you more details about the Mexican Federation and their selection criteria, I will do so. However, please have a look at these players:

According to Steam, Ranpkr and Horusx are both from San Jose, Costa Rica. However, I cannot verify if this is their location, if they perhaps live in Costa Rica but are originally Mexican, or if they are illegitimately playing on the Mexican team. At this point, it is just wild accusation and conjecture. However, to accuse these players of having no Dota 2 experience is quite out of hand – with their least experienced player sitting at 738 hours of gameplay, these guys may play like n00bs, but they certainly aren’t inexperienced.

That said, the onus is now on the MSSA to prove that they are working together with real international federations. As much as they are disorganized, inefficient and often unprofessional, I do not believe that the MSSA would deliberately defraud the eSports community. Perhaps the equivalent organisation in Mexico is just as derided by the local Mexican eSports community, leading to their flame wars. Just look at how South African gamers respond to their own South African team selections.

Update: We are still waiting for an official press release from the MSSA. However, they informed me telephonically that they went through the International eSports Federation (IeSF) to find a partner federation from another country. We are a bit hesitant about the validity of an organization such as the IeSF – the listings for the UK federation goes to a dead domain while the USA links to the WOGL which seems to do nothing; there is no link to MLG or other established eSports leagues.

That said, the MSSA went through this quasi-official body to find their Mexican counterparts. While my Spanish is not as good as it once was, it appears that there is no listing for a Dota 2 team on that site. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no mention of Dota 2 tournaments, qualifiers or other events. Furthermore, I cannot find any mention of the match against South Africa on their webpage or Facebook page.

We will continue to keep you updated as we get new information

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

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