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Did you get your PS4 today? Share your PSN ID!

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So the PlayStation 4 released locally in South Africa at midnight and I’m foreseeing a lot of sick notes landing on managers’ desks this morning. Are you going to be one of those people with “stomach flu” today?

Did you grab a PS4 last night or is yours waiting for after work today? What are you getting with your PS4 and for some retailer love let us know where you got yours from.

But the most important thing of all is who are you going to be playing against or with? Well to help you out we’re going to ask everyone with a PlayStation 4 to post their PSN ID’s here and we’ll edit the post to keep them here forever.

To start our list of hopefully quite a few PS4 owners we have two of our staff

  1. Geoffrey Tim – OddSockZA
  2. Darryn Bonthuys – Darranged
  3. ivanho99 
  5. illdisposed900
  6. Mabenito
  7. woods_011
  8. veggiesaurusZA
  9. Ir0n-seraph
  10. SaveTheQueenIX 
  11. markus0856
  12. zaltank
  13. om3gius
  14. mtnnaruto 
  15. Syph1nza
  16. Sk3tz0r
  17. Gallie
  18. DieMella
  19. TokyoMek
  20. BrakenjanZA

I unfortunately don’t have the funds for a PlayStation 4 this month which makes me want to cry but I will join the next gen one day. Oh and be warned, Geoff hardly ever plays online and Darryn is not the nice person he pretends to be. Share your ID’s here though, and build up a giant list of friends to play games with. 

Last Updated: December 13, 2013

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