DiRT 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Stunning Visuals

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The first DiRT (what’s with the small “i” anyways?) was undeniably pretty in the graphics department and it seems like it’s younger brother is going to impress even more than before.

I must be honest and say that while I did enjoy DiRT to a degree, I never did quite forgive Codemasters for making the cars feel like boats with tires made of sponge. I am not sure if the car handling has been improved, and simply watching the video still makes it a little tough to tell if there has been any major changes.

What I do know is that the graphics are seriously good looking and eye-candy enthusiasts are going to love how good this game really looks.

Don’t believe me? Check the video and see for yourself.

It’s pur-dy, real pur-dy.

Last Updated: July 20, 2009

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  • Darkling

    WOW! The next few months are going to be painfully expensive! 🙁

  • Considering the odd naming conventions some publishers are using (I’m looking at you THI4F) the small “i” isn’t that noticeable.

  • I have never been so upset to see a trailer finish.. that was beautiful..

    To be honest though I just cannot see it looking that good come release date, is it even possible?

  • Fox1

    The first Dirt had too much HDR and the cars handled horrible just like in GRiD. Oh and Dirt and Grid has always been in short supply locally :dizzy:

  • Q121

    I LOVED the first Dirt…. And I am probably going to be slain for saying this, but I cant decide between Forza 3 and Dirt 2

  • Darkling

    Don’t worry brotha,me too… :ermm:

  • Snoop

    I doubt these are X360/PS3 graphics. On the other hand car interiors suck :pinch:

  • easy

    the cockpit view looked a bit shoddy, maybe we’ve been spoilt by gt5 and forza3.. but otherwise it looks great and will be joining my collection

  • Shame on both of you!

  • The first DiRT was a really good looking game, even with all the HDR. I mean these are the same guys who made GRiD and people who tend to forget how good GRiD actually looks in comparison to a lot of other driving games.

    As I said in the article though, I really hope that the cars feel more like real rally cars this time around or at least put in assists or something for those who don’t want too much realism.

  • Roland Browning

    Not enough dust behind the car.

  • Fox1

    There was no terrain deformation in the first DIRT like Sega Rally. Actually Sega Rally had more dirt than Dirt. But I have read somewhere that Codemasters bought of the guys behind Sega Rally after they made Dirt 😉

    Here’s the link:

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