Disaster: Day of Crisis – First Look – Nintendo Wii

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Now here is quite a hot looking Wii title.

While the graphics look pretty impressive for the Wii, it actually looks like the gameplay is going to be a lot of fun and make really good use of the Wii’s motion controller without overdoing it with some quirky gimmicky control scheme.

This video is actually a compilation of a few videos put together, so get ready for some Japanese dude to say “Dee-Zah-Stah” a couple of times in a row.

This might just be the type of Wii title that hardcore gamers have been waiting for.

The game hits Japan at the end of this month and no date has even been given for North America yet, much less Europe and South Africa. I hope the reviews look good because this looks like something that I might just want to throw some money at.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 11, 2008

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