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Discover the secrets of the forest with Ivern – the latest League of Legends champion

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Ivern Champion League of Legends

When Riot Games released patch 6.18 for League of Legends, I really thought it would be the last update we’d see from them for a while. Do you blame me? The World Championship is just around the corner, so I believed that they would pour every ounce of their energy into that specifically.

Apparently though, Riot know no restraint. Not only have they come out with a brand new patch (6.19), they’ve just unveiled a brand new champion too!

Once, long ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was called Ivern the Cruel—that was before he tangled with a God-Willow. In the centuries since, Ivern has roamed the forests of Runeterra, cultivating life wherever he goes. Wildflowers bloom in his footsteps as he laughs with trees, plays tricks on rocks, and dines with moss on the sun’s delectable rays. When the Green Father traipses into your lane, he brings all the secrets of the forest along with. him.

Ivern reminds me of Guardian of the Galaxy’s Groot, which makes him immediately amazing in my eyes. Is he really though? Let’s take a look at his kit…

Ivern League of Legends champion image

Passive: Friend of the Forest

Ivern loves jungle monsters and would never harm them. Instead, he sets them free! Clicking on any jungle camp creates a grove using some of Ivern’s health and mana. The grove matures over time; when fully grown it can be clicked on again to free the camp’s denizens, granting Ivern gold and XP. Smiting a camp with a grove on it instantly sends the monsters to safety.

After level five, the Green Father creates copies of the red and blue buff whenever he frees the Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel—they’ll leave behind a sapling which can be picked up by allies.

Q: Rootcaller

Ivern shoots out a ropey root that deals magic damage and (as you’d expect) roots the first enemy it hits. Allies who use a basic attack on the rooted target will automatically dash to get within attack range.

W: Brushmaker

Passive: When hiding in brush, Ivern’s basic attacks have increased magic damage and range. This effect lasts for a couple seconds after Ivern leaves the brush.

Active: Ivern creates a patch of brush, temporarily revealing the area around it. The amount of brush created is slightly greater if it’s placed near a wall or any other brush. The Green Father’s grassy patches disappear on their own after a moderate delay.

E: Triggerseed

Ivern places a protective seed onto his ally, granting them a shield. After a short delay the seed explodes, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies.

R: Daisy

Ivern summons Daisy, an enormous sentinel who loves hugs. Daisy scampers around joyfully, knocking up Ivern’s target after a few hits. Ivern can recast this ability to direct his boisterous friend toward new targets. She’ll hang around until her hankering for hugs has been satisfied, or until her health bar is depleted.

Ivern League of Legends

To this day, I’ve praised Riot for their steady release of new champions. It really is quite impressive how they still manage to have tricks up their sleeves, despite the League of Legends roster being so big already.

I think Ivern is a worthy addition to the line-up. His passive in particular provides an interesting balance between jungling and laning. The fact that he can create brush on command too is really, really cool.

The Green Father isn’t out in the rift just yet, but I’m sure we won’t have to wait to long to see him added to the MOBA. Are you excited to get your hands on him?

Last Updated: September 22, 2016

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