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Dishonored review round up

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I’ve been giddy with excitement over Arkane studio’s neo-Victorian stealth-em-up Dishonored since getting some hands-on time with it at Gamescom. I presumptuously pegged it as a possible game of the year. Reviews of the game have started hitting – and others have gone further, saying it might be the game of the generation. Here are the scores so far:

“Dishonored doesn’t demand you see everything it has to offer, although it is compulsive enough to ensure you will. Whatever route you take – up or down, left or right, the gutter or the stars – you’ll always end up at the same conclusion: Dishonored is one of the greatest games of this generation,” says CVG in its glowing review.

“What makes Dishonored great” says Joystiq in its equally positive praise, “are the mechanics made possible by the universe in which it exists. There is a level of replayability and creativity available here that isn’t seen in most stealth action games. You aren’t just figuring out how you need to get from point A to point B, but how you want to get there.

Polygon, who’re a little stingy with scores awarded it a 9, saying “Dishonored succeeds as an ambitious game not content to take one thing and do it well. It demands more than most games ever will of its player, and gives more to players than most other games will ever manage,” while Destructoid says that Dishonored is “Easily deserving of its place among the BioShocks and the Borderlandses, Arkane’s aggressive, non-aggressive, unsubtle, sneaky, thoroughly versatile tale of intrigue makes for the kind of game that reminds us this generation isn’t all straightforward shooters and “me too” trend-seekers. Its level design is some of the very best, its willingness to let the player decide their own path is exhilarating, and the satisfaction gleaned from a mission well done leaves one hungry for more.”

The game releases this Friday for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Those of you who’ve decided to boycott the Unreal engine 3-powered game just because publisher Bethesda’s name is on the box will be missing out. A lot.

Last Updated: October 8, 2012

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