Dishonored: “The first assassination game where you don’t actually have to kill any body”

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Bethesda has released yet another watch worthy dev diary about the “Experience” of Dishonored. In this video you learn more about how you can influence the game while you play and how much flexibility it provides.

What I really like about what I see here is that you can choose what kind of character you are playing, even though every one plays the role of Corvo, you can in some way shape his personality as an assassin. Whether you choose to be ruthless or clinical or choose not to kill at all. Harvey Smith, co-creative director mentions in the video that this could be the first assassination game where you didn’t have to kill any one.

Each of these choices has consequences unique to the situation or how you’ve played it. It’s possible to innovate and change the outcome of something which seems imminent. Combat is really creative instead of generic, monotonous click-click, generic combo animation gameplay. There are many ways to utilize your environment and its inhabitants, human or not to optimise how you play.

I really recommend watching this video right through, some very interesting bits at the end there.

Last Updated: September 17, 2012

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