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Disney Infinity 3.0’s Toybox is getting massively upgraded

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If you’re under the age of 9 or your name happens to rhyme with Sharon (CURSES!), then you most likely dig the single-player side of Disney Infinity. As a core game, the various missions and stages are pretty serviceable bouts of quick entertainment.

Simple, yet engaging enough to enjoy. But the game has always had a much bigger focus on the Toybox. A massive pit within which to create your own games. And while Disney Infinity laid a pretty solid foundation for that mode in 2013, the 2014 sequel improved on it greatly with added accessibility.

This year, the Star Wars-centric Disney Infinity 3.0 is looking to take things a step further, with even more community creation tools.

That’s the word straight out of the Toy Box Summit at Disneyland last night, where it was revealed that the new Toy Box hub would feature buildings such as Flynn’s Arcade and El Capitan Theatre. Here’s a quick list of new details of what to expect:

  • Locations like El Capitan will feature weekly Infinity streams, previews and reveals
  • Flynn’s Arcade will feature weekly Toy Box challenges
  • New tools such as the Path Creator will allow players to develop path patterns for townspeople, enemies and traffic.
  • This can even be used for race tracks, where anything can be turned into a race
  • A calendar configurator tool allows for seasonal and hourly changes in your toybox, and can be pre-programmed
  • Theme Transformer allows players to alter base toy designs into whatever you want
  • Context Button Assigner is a button prompt tool that can be used for mission assignments, sound effects and various other tasks in the game
  • The Radar Marker adds beacons to the toybox
  • Dynamic Triggers can create reactions and interactions
  • Boss Battle, Vehicle Trick Tracker, Logic And, Player Counter tools were mentioned in the creativitoys toolbox
  • This now means that players can see what happens when Mickey Mouse accidentally summons a foe such as General Grievous to the toybox
  • Sidekick Manager allows for sidekicks to join players in the toybox
  • New toys from the new playsets, such as Inside Out themed objects and a Star Wars library of additions
  • Existing toys are also getting upgraded, such as the Collectible Tracker, weapons, Sound Effects, Effects Generator, and Action Enforcer
  • The Wilhelm scream is now a sound effect available in the Toybox
  • A massively upgraded Text Creator which will allow for full and proper conversations
  • The Text Creator got a massive upgrade, including full conversations and the ability to add text to virtually any object thanks to the proximity tools.
  • Cameras, Challenge Maker, Friend Generator, Vehicle Summoner, Sky Changer, and Boom Box tools are also all receiving tweaks and upgrades in 3.0.
  • General editing enhancements, visual connections and logic connections have also been upgraded

That is a massive list right there, which will revamp the Toybox entirely. Like I said, the 2.0 updates did a bang-up job on perfecting that mode, but I’m actually itching to jump back into the 3.0 Toybox. And craft special missions for anybody who is brave enough to tackle them.

Welcome to D-land, the real happiest place on Earth. Ha. Hahahahaha.

Last Updated: August 13, 2015

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  1. I just came here to see it for myself and it’s true: not a single comment. I don’t even know what this news is going. Here, take some change *pat in your back*


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