The Division: 138 weapons and 26 missions discovered in data-mining leak

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The Division still has an entire day before it’s here, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from seeking more information on Ubisoft’s upcoming tour of New York. So how do you get the scoop on what’s to come when your friendly neighbourhood publisher is being less forthcoming than Johnny Tight-lips (Ey, who says I got a mother)? By data-mining the hell out of the pre-loaded game, in a setup that I hope involves actual drilling equipment, shafts and magical dwarves.

An alleged data-mining operation over on these two Reddit fronts has listed around 200 000 audio files, weapons both in-game and DLC, mission names and boss fights. If you want to avoid any potential spoilers, I suggest averting your gaze right now. According to the leak from Itsgamerdoc, at least two DLC missions turned up: Kill The Tank and Drones, while the missing New York borough of Brooklyn was also alluded to quite often.

Other finds include a new faction, the Russian mafia known as the Bratva, suicide dogs, APCs, tanks and choppers. All content which has been cut out from the final game. If you’re the kind of gun nut who has a Charlton Heston poster on the wall opposite your collection of actual rifles that are purely there for home defense and to encourage responsible dating when suitors come to see your daughter, then more good news: The Division will have lots of guns.

According to this spreadsheet, you can expect to play around with 138 guns, all based on real-world weapons. Guns such as the M44 Carbine, Glock 30 and SOCOM SCAR-L. Itsgamerdoc also threw in a list of all weapons talents, a list of weapon attachments an armour list. That’s just the stuff pulled from the data-mining mind you. There’s most likely still more details undiscovered.

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Well, until later today at least when The Division servers go live.

Last Updated: March 7, 2016

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