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Dark Zone (1)

The best rewards in life often require you to risk it all. I’m not prepared to do that in this reality, but video games are another story. With The Division beta kicking off this week, you’re going to need to find some decent weapons and gear to survive the hostile forces that have overrun New York City. And the best place to do so, is in the Dark Zones.

The premiere battlefields of The Division, Dark Zones are all about balancing risk and reward. Not only are you up against high-level enemies, but you’ve got to watch out for agents who have gone rogue, and who’ll happily pop a few rounds into your back so that they can make off with your hard-earned loot. But it’s all worth it, if you can discover a rare Dark Zone chest or two.

To get these chests open however, you’ll need the following:

  • Dark Zone Rank
  • Dark Zone Keys

To get your hands on Dark Zone keys, you’ll need to either farm high-level enemies for random drops, or stab a friend in the back and steal theirs. If you’ve gone rogue, just remember that the higher your level and the manhunt that is after your head, the more you’ll lose when you find yourself peppered with lead justice.

Dark Zone (2)

Once you’ve got enough keys and rank in the Dark Zones, you can then search for some chests. Regular chests require no Dark Zone Rank or Dark Zone keys to open, and offer alright weapons. Just don’t expect to find anything on the rare spectrum of loot. Dark Zone Rank chests require you to have a sufficient level of renown in these areas and Dark Zone key chests require you to spend some of your hard-earned unlocks on them.

It’s where you’ll find the best loot in The Division, provided that you can get past the heavies guarding them. Sounds simple, right? Well here’s where it gets tricky. Unlocking the loot isn’t a guarantee, and you’ll need to escape the Dark Zones to secure this gear. You’ve got two options at your disposal: You can hoof it on foot, and risk encountering a rogue player along the way.

Or you can call in a friendly helicopter to come pick you and your shiny new loot up. Doing that however, alerts every player in the vicinity to your area, and you’ll need to survive for 90 seconds until the exfil. Once the helicopter is above you, you can strap your contaminated loot to it. You may extract 6 items per extraction with a maximum of 36 items total (according to the demo).

After a successful defense, you can exit the Dark Zone and find your new gear at your base of operations. Remember, if the team leader who called in for a helicopter goes down when you’re attacked, the extraction will be cancelled. Tense stuff. Good luck doing so in the beta then.

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Last Updated: January 27, 2016

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