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The Division – Vector 45ACP Review

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Like every other game that is heavily focused on watching numbers squirt out of the heads of your enemies, The Division is all about the loot. Specifically, dem guns. I’m not talking about the kind of guns that you forsake a leg day at the gym for either, but proper high-end weapons which you invest hours of play into just so that you can get your itchy finger around the trigger of said weapon.

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One of the very best in the SMG range, is the Vector 45ACP. Easily found at the special weapons vendor in your base of operations, the Vector 45ACP is an absolute beast to start off with, and becomes even deadlier once you roll a few mods onto it to up the kill factor. It’ll cost you 154 Phoenix Credits for the blueprint however, but that just means that you can crank out as many of these SMGs that you want, and hope for a good roll of the dice when it comes to perks.

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As for those mods, I’ve currently upped the DPS on this SMG from 48106 with my character to 79437 thanks to a extensions like a Ti-RANT Suppressor, PEQ-15 Laser under the barrel, a hefty extended magazine and a rugged mini-reflex sight. The signature perk on the Vector 45ACP however, is essential for challenges. With the Ferocious Talent in place, this gun will increase your damage against Elite and Named enemies by a whopping 13%.

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A handy feature, when you’re tackling daily missions in pursuit of more Phoenix Credits so that you can keep the cycle in perpetual motion. On my first roll, I got the Determined talent which reduces a skill cooldown by 8.5% after a target is killed and the Brutal skill which gives me an extra 19.5% damage on headshots. Handy stuff, and not a bad initial selection of perks for a stable gun that goes through bullets like Madonna’s hands in a moisturiser factory.

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The Vector 45ACP is a damn good weapon, possibly one of the best in The Division right now even after this week’s big 2.7gb patch. If you haven’t got it, grab it as soon as you can or you might see it rotated out of circulation at the special weapons vendor.

Last Updated: March 23, 2016

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